Don’t be that brand: The ultimate video DON’T list

There is no question that video production can be a powerful marketing tool. Brands use video to educate consumers about new product types, walk prospects through a free trial experience, engage audiences, or showcase the features and benefits of a brand. Video can even simply be a way to delight, entertain, and reinforce brand imagery. There are so many great ways to use video that it’s hard for us to pick one handful of really amazing advice. Instead, we decided to share our ultimate “DON’T” list. Avoid these guaranteed video fails on your next project and you’ll be off to a good start.

1. Remember people’s attention spans are … what were we talking about again?

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever. The average video watcher needs to be hooked within the first three seconds of watching or they are less than 15% likely to complete their viewing session. Similarly, even the most engaged users tend to drop off around the 30-second mark. When choosing a topic for your video – whether it’s product, brand, or education related – choose something that can be conveyed in under 30 seconds, or that can be split into a series of smaller videos.

2. SFW and being audio friendly:

Some companies make the mistake of putting all their juiciest content into the audio portion of their 30 second commercial. While audio is indeed important, many viewers watching on their smart devices or at work may opt out of the sound on your video. If you’ve ever received an email with the subject line “Not SFW” you may understand why. Make sure that your video has elements that are clearly conveyed using visual cues, as well as sound, for maximum effect. For example, a 30-second spot with a man talking about your product behind a white background is only effective if that viewer has sound on. A more effective version would be him showcasing the product doing something amazing while talking about it. And don’t forget, a few strategically placed headlines can go a long way.

3. Boredom kills any 30 second commercial:

If you don’t want to watch your video, neither do your customers. Even the most serious topics can be tastefully presented using a little personality and levity. Your local Orlando marketing agency can help you strike the perfect balance between entertainment and education so your customers enjoy watching your videos enough to remember the key messaging you planted inside that content. You can also tap into your own customer base by soliciting user-generated content about your brand. Testimonials and product DIYs are almost always more effective when coming from customers to help generate trust and authenticity, so this may be a great option for brands on a budget or those without a robust in-house creative team.

4. Location is everything, even in videos:

Before you create a 30 second commercial, consider where you want to place it and what you want it to accomplish. A video focused on brand awareness would be shown in a different place than a product tutorial, for example. To help guide your video story boarding and production, make sure you know exactly where you’re going to put them. If you simply create videos to have them, you risk missing out on using this awesome resource or misusing it and losing critical engagement.


Ready to get started? Get your camera ready, your creative team hyped, and your site primed. you’re next 30 second commercial is going to be a hit. And don’t worry, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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