Why you need a pro’s help for digital ad creation and placement

One of the biggest mistakes small- and medium-sized business owners make is assuming they can take a purely DIY approach to their marketing efforts. Being a Jack of all trades is critical when thinking about big picture strategy and crafting a holistic business plan for your organization, but never when it comes at the risk of being a master of none. In our world of ever changing digital marketing trends, rules, and regulations, we like to think of our team as an ace in your pocket. We pride ourselves on deep, vertical knowledge about the most cutting edge digital best practices so you don’t have to. As you delve into the world of paid advertising and social media spends, there are so many options to choose from between your PPCs, PPUs, actual impressions, potential impressions, and reach. And we haven’t even started talking about how to decide on placement, or whether to invest in big data and demographic trends. Placing a digital ad or banner by yourself has never been easier … but partnering with an advertising agency ensures your return on investment is worth the time and money spent on your campaigns.
Still not convinced? Here are the top four reasons you can’t afford not to partner with a trusted agency.

1. Don’t let programmatic digital ad placements rip you off:

We are all business people. And media placement vendors are no exception. When selling digital ad spots, these companies charge their clients based on the volume you can purchase. Because agencies are often purchasing ad exposure for more than one organization, they frequently enjoy volume discounts and can charge you less to place the same ads in the same coveted spots. The good news is that because agencies also don’t take on customers in direct competition with each other, your company will never be at risk of being pitted against your agency’s other interests.

2. Don’t risk being outside of Facebook’s or Google’s design guidelines:

As digital advertising becomes more popular and customers demand checks and balances when surfing their favorite sites and social media platforms to avoid being bombarded by spam, large digital ad exchanges such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook, have begun putting robust regulations around the types of content their users see and the frequency of ad exposure. Unless your team has a dedicated creative staff whose sole job is to stay up to date on these changes, you risk your ads being rejected or ineffective in these critical marketplaces. Our agency takes all platform changes, AdWords updates, and SEO algorithm enhancements very seriously so your digital ad is never turned down and you don’t waste precious time and resources going back and forth with your placement account executives.

3. Get smarter planning spends around trends:

Advertising agencies also have the distinct luxury to think about your business outside the fray and fire drills of daily operations. Even the best, most earnest intentions to create a year-round advertising or promotional calendar often get pushed to the wayside by the daily needs of running a business. When you partner with an agency, you have a dedicated team strategizing around the best times to run digital advertisements, how they should be placed, and how much you should spend on each digital ad throughout your business cycle. We take the guess work out of media planning by staying current on your industry’s forecasting trends and tailoring an ad calendar around your unique business needs. You simply have to flip the switch and enjoy the revenue as it rolls in.

4. Dedicated ROI delivery and support:

Never place an ad without knowing what the expected ROI will be again. Your digital marketing agency will help you strike the right balance between specialized ad exchange exposure and broad, programmatic distribution so your ads get to the right people every time. When our clients’ businesses prosper, we do too, so getting results is our first priority. Working with an advertising agency takes the guess work out of digital ad placement. Our team also serves as your first line of defense if something goes wrong with the ad itself.


Whether you decide to partner with an agency for peace of mind, or to maximize your return on investment, the choice is clear. Digital ads are one of the worst – and most costly – places to cut corners, so give us a call today or click here to learn more about the types of ads we’ve created and curated for our business partners in the past.

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