How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Your Personal Brand

When most people log into Facebook, it’s not usually because they’re thinking about how to improve the strength of their personal brand. However, if you ask the best marketers at our Orlando marketing agency, they’ll tell you that they’ve learned how to carefully curate a personal social media strategy to reflect who they are.

It’s a fact that people who head large corporations often develop a large social media following, in spite of the fact that the personal brand and the company’s brand are not one in the same. People who’ve developed strong personal brands can become thought leaders, and can capitalize on that through valued connections, speaking engagements and strategic partnerships.

To become one of those people, think of your social media as a gateway to your own brand. The team at our Florida ad agency thinks you can get the most out of it by taking the following steps:


It’s important for people who are developing their personal brand on social media to stay true to their values. If you desire to be known as a political junkie, don’t be afraid to use social media to pose difficult questions. If you’re more interested in cultivating an atmosphere of positivity, it makes much more sense to stay away from mean-spirited jokes or controversy. Whatever those values are, adhere to them closely as you build up your brand presence.


Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears are so popular on Twitter because of their constant interactions with fans. They encourage followers to tweet at them and share their experiences with them, which helps to cultivate relationships in a sometimes passive medium. While it may not be possible to respond to each and every post or comment, making an attempt to engage with and respond to your audience is a great way to build up rapport and credibility.


If you have a background in branding, you’re probably familiar with HootSuite and how to use it to schedule posts to keep content flow steady. [quote]Those who are not using HootSuite for their personal brands are at a distinct disadvantage.[/quote] Try using the platform to set up posts throughout the week, and see how much better your postings do when they’re scheduled rather than on the fly.


Does a topical event in the news relate to something you’ve posted about in the past? If that’s the case, it’s completely acceptable to repurpose it and share it again. Those who keep active blogs can also post tips from there directly to social media, which is a great way to keep the content flowing when there’s no time to research and post something new.


Interesting content — and lots of it — is the key to keeping followers interested on social media. While we can’t all be the Shakespeare of the internet, we can decide to post only content that truly resonates with us in some way, thereby avoiding cliches or “fluff.” The days of posting what you ate for breakfast should be gone, especially with so many interesting things happening in our daily lives and the compelling content being posted each day on the internet. Need inspiration? Checked out LinkedIn’s Pulse for new content from a variety of fields.

For ideas about how to revamp your personal brand, contact our team of creative professionals today, and explore our wide array of services!

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