Top seven Tips to Stretch a Small Marketing Budget

It’s been said that limitations are the key to creativity.
If you have millions of dollars to throw around with marketing, chances are, you’re going to end up spending a fair bit of it on things that don’t actually work…that’s precisely why small marketing budgets can be a blessing in disguise.

If you’re working at or own a business, but have only a limited marketing budget, have no fear, our Florida ad agency is here to help you grow, one dollar at a time with the following seven tips:

1. Make a plan: A marketing budget, no matter how small, will go much further if you have a set of concrete goals to apply your funds. Even something as small as $500 will go a lot further if you have measurable goals in mind.

2. Know that your biggest investment is time: If you have time, you have a distinct advantage over businesses that have large marketing budgets but limited time to implement strategies. Allocate your time wisely, and apply it strategically to help get the most value for your dollar.

3. Look for growth hacking ideas: Growth hacking means finding small and inexpensive ways to seed awareness of your product or service.

4. Start a company blog: This can help you establish credibility as a leader in your field, and can also be great in terms of search engine optimization. The more articles you post, the more ways potential clients or customers will be able to find your site.

5. Consider a handwritten note or gift: Even a small token of appreciation to your early customers can go a long way in influencer marketing and repeat purchasers. Include some stickers, and invite your customers to Instagram photos of where they’ve put them. Create a specific hashtag specifically for this purpose.

6. Create how-to videos: At this point, most people in the media business agree that people will forgive moderate video production quality for grassroots and growing businesses as long as the content itself is good. No one is expecting a Stephen Spielberg-esque production; just set aside time to record some how-to videos pertaining to your product, service or field, and use that to leverage even more credibility and to increase your following on YouTube.[quote]Repurpose the content by linking out to the videos on your social accounts as well.[/quote]

7. Send a newsletter: Weekly or monthly newsletters provide easy ways for businesses to grow their marketing base and get repeat customers. Provide interesting content in a visually appealing way. Once you have the template set, the biggest task is the time it takes to draft and send the email. If possible, experiment with subject lines, copy length and calls to action to determine what works best for you.

And for a bonus tip — Make it easy for your customers to share their experiences! This includes making sure there are easy-to-find social share icons on your website, and simple templates for feedback and customer service. Remember that customer service and marketing aren’t as attenuated as once previously thought, as happy customers can serve as your brand’s biggest influencers.

The team at our Florida marketing agency encourages you to follow these tips to help grow your business, without breaking the bank. For more tips, contact us for a consultation to learn how we can help you grow your business on any budget!

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