Law Firm Marketing to Beat your Competition Without Lifting a Finger

Most legal firms are behind the digital times. Benchmark indicators of digital transformation, such as having a responsive, mobile website, or local map listings, are hard to find in the legal world. Because most firms are investing more than 60% of their marketing dollars into buying cold leads, rather than updating their digital presence, implementing these simple steps will help you reach your law firm marketing goals.

Use SEO to generate leads

One in three consumers uses the internet to search for legal services, so if you invest money into a strong search strategy for lawyer marketing with a goal of a 7:1 return on your investment, you’ll outpace the competition investing in cold leads. Cold leads typically convert at 2%, whereas solid leads and referrals convert at 20% and 50% respectively. Work with a digital marketing agency such as BIGEYE to add content, tagging, and links that will boost your search ranking with little to no effort on your part.

Use marketing automation to turn leads into clients

According to Law Technology Today, close to half of law firms take more than three days to reply to leads when they reach out. Because most law firm marketing teams don’t have the bandwidth to regularly reply to outreach outside their caseload, creating automated email and marketing templates for interested clients improves service without sacrificing billable hours.

Use audience segmentation to create and serve content that will feel personal, highly-relevant, and specific to each inquiry or type of law you practice. This makes prospects feel like they are receiving a personal touch and helps them find preliminary information without interacting with your team until they are ready to do business.

Use social media turns clients into referrals

As you close cases, encourage your clients to write reviews or post to social media about your firm. You can share and repurpose this content on social media, across your website, and in email outreach campaigns. Because referrals are the most effective way to build trust in your brand, these reviews and testimonies will go a long way when seeking new business.

We know your legal team is busy, which is why partnering with a top Florida advertising agency like ours can make your life easier. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we have helped law firms in your area.

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