Sandra’s BIG Debut as a member of the BIGEYE team.

Something I have always found interesting is the thought of the unknown. Where will I end up living? In which direction will my career path take me? Is Lady Gaga really going to be the Madonna of today’s youth?
I can honestly say when I set out to enter this ‘real world’ of jobs, bills and florescent office lighting I never anticipated I’d be working in a house, in my favorite part of Orlando, for a company with a mascot named “Biggie” (and a cute one at that). I can also say that at a week and a half in at BIGEYE Creative, I have never felt so at home in a work environment. I come from a world of lights, camera, action … literally. As my college years came to a close, I was dead set on exploring the beast that is broadcast television. Not necessarily in front of the camera (alright, I can admit when I was younger I had aspirations of being the next big meteorologist), but the thing that interested me was what made them tick, what was the lifeblood behind these major television networks.

Enter the world of advertising.

My time with Orlando NBC affiliate, WESH 2, opened my eyes to the world of everything ads. It is advertising that is absolutely an integral part of a stations’ success. This is a part of what the fundamentals of television entail. As I dove head first into developing marketing campaigns for a variety of clients and industries, I found myself more and more captivated by the ever-changing nature of this industry, and how not only television, but radio, print, outdoor, web and now social media, without a doubt could (and would) help businesses grow. What I found to be even more fascinating was in five years, I had seen the map of advertising drastically change. I could have never dreamt when I joined Facebook as a college Junior it would one day be an essential tier to business’ branding and marketing initiatives. It is this change and diversity in our advertising mediums that truly excites me about this business, and from a creative standpoint, the sky really is the limit.

I squeezed every bit of knowledge I could from my experience at WESH, and found where my passion truly lied – the creative development process and the relationships with clients. In my short time with BIGEYE, I’ve seen first hand that those two aspects are also part of their success and passion…and what we have is a match made in heaven. Advertising, marketing and branding has been in existence for more than a century. It is the mediums that continue, and will continue, to shape the way this industry develops. I am ecstatic to not only be a part of a team that shares this enthusiasm for the industry, but one that offers free lemonade to passers-by on the front lawn.

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