Why online video advertising is mission critical to your business

There’s a big reason close to 80% of advertising leaders said they plan to invest more in online video advertising this year than they did last year according to Reuters Institute’s annual digital survey. Actually, there are three big reasons if you ask anyone on our team.


Okay, digital advertising – like banner ads and pay per click campaigns – isn’t “out,” but it is on the decline. Ad blocking technology is becoming more prevalent and more precise, which means the savviest (and possibly most desirable) customers are opting out of ads. Don’t fear ad blocking: it’s the future.

The good news is that over 60% of consumers in a recent Millward Brown study said they would be open to receiving ads if they could control the content or if they were receiving relevant, personal information. That’s why online video advertising is so important. Video advertising helps convey an emotional narrative that appeals to the consumer and – when done well – can feel very personal. And thanks to a wide variety of distribution channels and deep targeting capabilities, video can also be highly relevant.


Growing brands can often benefit from the “halo effect” of aligning with more established organizations. Local companies can dramatically increase their reach by sharing contacts and social clout with other local companies. Video is a gateway to establish these types of partnerships. Online video advertising is easy to create, impactful, and primed for partner collaboration. Unlike static ads or print campaigns, video– rather than tells – shows how partnerships work or where two lifestyle brands meet. And, when trying to establish partnerships, collaborating on high-impact creative assets is always better with two budgets, two teams, and two sets of resources. Our team can work with you to identify strong partner opportunities and generate engaging narratives these partners will want to take part in. If NBC Universal can create videos with Vox and BuzzFeed, you can get in on the action too.


Targeted, multi-platform distribution is powerful. We mean really powerful. For example, a television ad that has a complementary YouTube clip drives viewers across platforms and closer to your point of sale. Shareable video content increases your social reach and unlocks new audience potential. ThinkWithGoogle estimates the material impact is a 56% increase in reach just between television and online video advertising. When you add on supporting social media campaigns, email, and event marketing that opportunity goes up exponentially.

Our team specializes in prioritizing cross-platform initiatives to ensure your spend is allocated to create the most impact. Online video advertising allows you to be at the right places at the right times to support your customer journey. They are more engaging than traditional digital ads so they help you reach more people, and build smarter business connections. Most importantly, videos aren’t going anywhere. All you have to do is look at the growing popularity of Facebook’s live stream feature to realize video is all the rage. As technology development continues to shift to a mobile-first mindset, videos will only increase in importance thanks to their ability to quickly and easily convey critical information and establish real emotions between viewers and your brand.

Let’s create some videos together.

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