Why the Smartest Brands Pay Attention to Typeface

When it comes to top brands, excellence filters all the way down to the details. No single element is unimportant enough to escape careful consideration — and that includes fonts. For brands that lack the resources or expertise to create stellar fonts, partnering with a creative branding agency is a logical step.

Three reasons why fonts are crucial to your branding efforts

A font may be (quite literally) a small thing. Yet, it is a serious error to underestimate the power of the role it plays. The right font selection can have a serious impact on the effectiveness of your company’s branding.

Consider the Bodoni font, which has a clean and classic look that’s made it perennially popular in the world of high fashion (Vogue Magazine’s famous logo is one such example). Because Bodoni is so closely linked with that particular milieu, those seeking to give their brand a touch of class and sophistication can earn a head start by using Bodoni.

Or consider the counter-example of Comic sans, Microsoft’s attempt to create a playful, comic book-inspired font. Universally reviled, any non-ironic use of Comic sans is likely to be greeted with ridicule at best, antipathy at worst. 

Overall, font design is critical to brand success for three key reasons. These include:

1.Tone setting

 Before an audience even begins to process words, it first must process how those words are presented. So, in this sense, the typeface sets the tone for how a brand is ultimately perceived. Bodoni gives your logo or written content a classy, high style connotation. By setting the tone for what follows, font choice plays an essential role in how audiences respond to what they see.


 When it comes to fonts, it is not all form over function. Aesthetics need to work hand in glove with practical concerns like readability. The right font choice makes all visual imagery more accessible, which in turn engenders positive feelings in audiences. A cluttered font or a font that distracts due to being inappropriate for the context (think comic sans in business correspondence) is a serious turn-off. Brands need to choose a font that improves legibility across every platform, channel, and device possible.

3.Values and identity

 Font selection plays an integral role in telling the public who you are. It gives the audience a sense of your values, your identity, and organizational personality. The right font should help tell a brand’s story; in fact, it should serve as that story’s introduction. Choose a font that clashes with your intended branding and identity and the audience will receive a contradictory message that makes a business seem amateurish and unfocused.

Working with the right branding agency

The importance of a great font should never be underestimated. Some organizations, however, lack the experience or expertise to operate in this area without the assistance of a branding agency.

A top Florida advertising agency like BIGEYE can help you choose or design a font that delivers brilliant form and function. Contact our design team today to get your brand fonts in order!

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