How packaging design services can transform your brand

95% of new products fail every year according to Forbes. And we want to help change that statistic through our revolutionary packaging design services. Aside from keeping your products safe for shipping and distribution, packaging is the calling card of your brand.
Packaging helps customers decide whether they want to buy your product before they try it, which is why we don’t recommend skimping on this important extension of your brand. When partnering with a creative agency to help bring your vision to life, make sure they have a deep understanding of the following four packing success indicators: function, cost, scalability, and brand alignment.

Your packaging should keep your products fresh, safe, and clean — based on the goods you’re selling, how fragile they are, and whether or not they have a shelf life. Packaging design services agencies should have unbeatable, niche insight into the types of materials best suited to protect your product, whether there are any government restrictions or guidelines for shipping and packing, and how to mitigate any risks your products may be exposed to while reaching their final destination.

The quality of your packaging is a direct reflection of the quality of your brand. With that in mind, high-quality packaging does not always need to be expensive. Your creative agency can help you identify areas to cut cost, without sacrificing quality. They will work with you to understand what trends and design techniques will give you the look you want for less, and how shipping costs might factor into your total budget.

While sending a personalized note with every shipment may seem like a charming, high-quality touch, this is not scalable as your business grows. New businesses dazzle customers early with unique, memorable packaging, but lose an edge when cost and time forces them to cut back on the experience. Packaging design services experts will help you create packaging that is personal, on-brand, and scalable by volume.

Brand Alignment:
Tiffany’s & Co signature blue boxes and Apple’s sleek, streamlined containers are almost as recognizable as their products themselves. This level of brand alignment helps potential customers understand your products more deeply and determine whether your brand values are aligned with their lifestyle. Signature packaging, like Tiffany’s, can also become a draw for your customers when leveraged properly across channels to tell a unique story about your brand.

Nailing these four guidelines doesn’t guarantee your packaging won’t need some fine tuning, or that you won’t want to update your look as your brand evolves. Your agency partner will work alongside your brand to ensure your packaging stays current through testing with small focus groups, experimenting with cheap-chic materials, and gathering customer feedback about how durable and sustainable your packaging really is.

This process is a foundational part of the product lifestyle for CPG and luxury brands. Learn more about how something as simple as a box can transform your brand by contacting our team for a free consultation about your packaging design.

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