A/B split testing: Timeless benefits of conversion optimization

Tried and tested digital marketing methodology, like A/B split testing or growth hacking, ebbs and flows in popularity based on the latest trends in market. While we like to stay on the bleeding edge of digital techniques, we encourage all our clients to stay true to their testing roots.
There are few more simple and effective marketing tactics than A/B split testing. In case it’s been a while since you have reviewed your testing roadmap, here are a few reasons why a robust A/B split testing culture is important for your business, or feel free to learn more about the types of testing support our team can provide.

1. There Are No Bad Ideas:

Consistent, A/B split testing supports a constructive space for your team members to share ideas. Because testing allows you to try ideas safely and quickly, every team member can see their ideas make it to the light of day to be validated through data, or trumped by a preferable guest experience. When team members see their ideas live, they will feel more ownership over their work. Understanding test results will also help them understand their customers’ preferences, and ultimately uplevel your ideation process as the virtuous feedback loop created by testing allows your team to make more choiceful decisions about what your content looks like and where it lives within your digital ecosystem.

2. Ditch the HIPPOs:

HIPPOs – or the friendly acronym for the highest paid person’s opinions – sometimes distract team members from pushing for a less popular, but potentially more impactful, ideas. A/B split testing disrupts this hierarchy and grounds decisions in data, according to behavior studies from the Harvard Business Review. Testing is an easy way for individual contributors to let their voices be heard, break through groupthink, or squash any embarrassment the team might have about telling a senior leader there may be other options. The data speaks for itself.

3. Fail Fast, Learn Quick:

A/B split testing also dramatically reduces risk when introducing revolutionary ideas into market. Because you can control what percentage of your audience sees various test branches, this allows your team to take more meaningful risk instead of taking safe, but less impactful, swings to drive results and incremental value for your customers. You can safely try, then scale semi-crazy ideas, or experiment with new features and pricing lineups knowing only 5% or 10% of your customers will see it until you’re ready.

4. Show Me The Money:

Last, but certainly not least, A/B split testing makes sense (and cents) for your bottom line. According to Optimizely, testing drove an average lift of 20% in revenue within the e-commerce sector, and nearly 70% increases in lead generation within the SaaS world. Testing accelerates business growth by allowing you to get a clearer understanding of your customer and what works faster so you can stay competitive within the market.

If you are just getting started on building a testing culture or want to revamp your current strategy, we’re here to help! Click here to contact our team and learn more about how we can partner on your next A/B split testing initiative.

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