Learn The Importance of Sports Apps for Avid Fans

Sports junkies are an interesting breed. They always have season tickets for their favorite football and baseballs teams, never miss a game, and even run fantasy leagues with the hope that their knowledge of sports statistics might somehow garner them a big prize. And, as the folks at our Florida advertising agency know, these avid fans can be worth a goldmine to companies that target sports enthusiasts.

But these days, in order to compete for the sports junkie’s attention, it is important to constantly be able to provide up-to-the minute stats and information, along with the convenience of efficiency and ease of use.

Sports junkies latch on to the newest technologies, typically because downloading the newest app or checking out the newest service helps them keep track of their favorite teams. With people using mobile more than ever, sports organizations that have yet to invest in mobile technology are failing to see the benefits of converting the rabid sports fan into a rabid customer.

Most of the best-known sports apps are owned by major brands, such as ESPN ScoreCenter, MLB.com At Bat, and Yahoo! Scoremobile. ESPN and Yahoo! offer their apps for free, while MLB.com comes at a premium, running up to $14.99 for the season. However, as far as MLB goes, people are willing to pay good money for that app, which offers a customizable interface for keeping up with favorite teams, as well as streaming video access for every single game throughout the year. For an avid baseball fan, the opportunity to see every game for one price is amazing. Viewers can’t even get that on cable television!

Free apps help sports fans keep up with scores on the go, and the best ones offer in-depth commentary and statistical information about players. Whereas once this information was only available to sports staticians, it is now open to every single sports buff, all with a single click.

[quote]Sports marketers who are hoping to reach their fan base in new ways may want to consider creating apps that provide some service to their most loyal sports fans.[/quote]There are numerous untapped opportunities in this space, so honing in on a niche group and offering a service that fills a need through an app is a great way for sports marketers to get involved with new marketing opportunities. Examples of sports apps that have had success in this space include parking apps for sports events, Fantasy Football apps and even apps that help its users improve their golf swings on the go.

Sports marketers who connect to consumers through apps not only have numerous opportunities to engage with their app users, but also have numerous more touch points and ways to collect information about their using habits. Sports junkies rely on apps when they’re on the go, and in this fast-paced digital era, they’ll be frequent users of apps that offer utility.

The team at our Orlando ad agency thinks that for sports marketing, useful apps are some of the best ways to score points with sports junkies. Let us help you create your own app today – contact us to get started!

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