Our Targeted Marketing Dominates the Digital Landscape

Targeted marketing benefits businesses and the customers they want to reach. Marketers enjoy greater efficiency and higher ROIs. Thus, even smaller organizations can punch above their weight class to capture the attention of competitive markets, even when faced with more established competitors. 

In turn, customers receive the right messages at the right time, increasing the chance of sales and brand loyalty. Brands that customers love are also the companies that they’ll want to talk about to their friends, generating word-of-mouth buzz online and in person. 

How Our Targeted Marketing Captures Engagement and Loyalty 

We Develop Marketing Strategies From a Place of Deep Understanding 

Before we can effectively target customers, we need to understand them. Thus, our Bigeye teams begin by immersing themselves in our clients’ markets, both existing customers and potential ones. 

For example, our recent national survey of pet owners uncovered some amazing insights into how consumers view and care for their domestic animals. For instance, we learned how much most pet owners value their pets and what they will do to care for them. Just as important, we found out where they go online to find communities and advice from like-minded people. 

Once we understand the customer’s needs and desires, we can identify growth opportunities for clients and develop strategies to take advantage of them. Sometimes, we may work with clients to refine their branding and messaging; other times, we help redefine product offerings. 

We Introduce Brands That Customers Discuss and Care About 

We utilize data to produce personalized marketing that speaks to customers. Tailored messaging speaks to the market by addressing their unique needs and preferences. Messages focusing on the customer’s needs enjoy higher engagement, open, and click-through rates. The best brands enjoy the luxury of a customer base that looks forward to their messaging, and that’s the competitive advantage we create for our clients. 

For instance, Instagram’s notable for achieving high engagement rates and astounding growth. At the same time, the platform’s success has made it one of the most competitive battlegrounds for companies that strive to gain recognition. Our teams have honed the art of deciphering Instagram analytics to maximize engagement on this fruitful but competitive platform. 

Thus, we will help hone marketing into personalized messages that gain the attention and loyalty of current and potential customers. In turn, those engaged social media users will help spread the news and even more, patronize your business. 

We Broadcast Your Personalized Message on the Media That Your Customers Use 

With the right data-based strategy, media purchases can serve as a powerful tool. Marketers can target paid ads based on numerous demographics, including behaviors, interests, and geographic locations. Thoughtful, well-crafted ads will increase engagement. Besides, the appearance of ads on a consumer’s favorite website or program can award them automatic credibility. 

Moreover, paid media platforms offer superior analytics capabilities and the potential to maximize reach. These two advantages let marketers quickly assess, test, and tune their ads to optimize performance. Media buys offer a fast way to attract attention and often serve as a way to test messaging that businesses may also use on slower campaigns, like SEO or social marketing. 

At Bigeye, we start media campaigns by ensuring we have gathered the information we need to understand our clients’ audiences. We use our robust understanding of the audience to plan and purchase media campaigns. Our process will improve as time passes because we analyze outcomes from the initial campaigns to build the next one. Ultimately, our clients enjoy customized advertising perfectly tailored for the optimal audiences. 

Clients Rely on Our Robust Analytics Capabilities 

These days, marketers typically don’t struggle with a lack of information. Instead, they often find the massive amount of available information overwhelming. Our analytics teams know how to cut through the noise to mine valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. We can use these capabilities to take information from thousands of customers or even an entire market and make each client feel they’ve received a message precisely tailored to their needs. 

Are You Ready to Define and Reach Your Ideal Targets?

Our data-driven approach to targeted marketing allows us to personalize marketing. In turn, we reduce waste, improve ROI, and best of all, encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty. For instance, a mother might signup for an eCommerce site to purchase something for her spouse or children. 

Without understanding that customer, the company might invest in repeat sales by sending her multiple ads for men’s sneakers or children’s socks, something she only occasionally purchases. In contrast, a retailer that invests in learning about their customers would take advantage of a primary opportunity by sending her messages about products that she would buy more frequently for herself. 

At Bigeye, we partner with dozens of the most innovative brands. Contact us about your exciting endeavors, and we’ll explain how we will help you grow.

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