Six of the Best Copywriting Tips From Our BIGEYE Team

It’s springtime again, and even if you haven’t gotten around to doing much spring cleaning yet, there’s one thing we can suggest you clean up: your business’s copywriting strategies.
Good copy can sell a product. Great copy, on the other hand, can sell a way of living. Think of Nike’s “Just do it,” or Apple’s “Think different.” Both are powerful slogans that also give immediate insight into how the brand is trying to improve your life.

Copywriting is as much of a skill as it is an art. Ask a copywriter where her most brilliant ideas come from, and many times she’ll tell you it was simply a moment of inspiration, or an experience that excited her and got her thinking. That’s something you can’t necessarily learn in an ad agency.

However, we can certainly try to achieve those effects in more structured environments. Here now are some copywriting strategies from the pros at our Orlando marketing agency to help your business bloom faster than an orchard full of orange blossoms.

A quick note: the word “copywriting” can mean lots of things, but in this instance, let’s say that the term “copy” means any words that we’re using to market a business or brand, in whichever capacity you need them. Most people tend to think of this in terms of marketing copy on websites, blog and in print, but for our purposes, we’ll say copy can extend to presentations and social media as well. Here, BIGEYE presents 6 of the best copywriting tips to assist you in your efforts:

1. It’s About the Audience

Marketing copy should always be about your audience. It’s easy as a marketer to think about your business in terms of what you’re selling, but it is important to remember that you must have the audience’s interests in mind at all times. Writing with this in the back of your mind will help you come up with powerful copy that genuinely speaks to the reader.

2. Focus on the Words

As most writers know, it’s important to parlay information, often in just a few short words. However, in this cluttered world, it is exceedingly important to stand out in terms of voice, mission and vision. Stay away from buzzwords, overused phrases or cliches. Discard tired words and figure out ways to replace them, and try to find ways to make your business’s copy fun and interesting.[quote]Don’t be afraid to use a curse word or inject a bit of humor, as long as it matches your brand’s voice.[/quote] Also, avoid ambiguous language.

3. Aim for Stronger Verbs

If verbs imply action, then it follows that using verbs in your copy can also inspire action. There are dozens of online thesauruses, so pick your favorite one and use it as a tool to help you think of better verbs for your marketing copy.

4. Use Similes and Metaphors

Using metaphors and similes can create vivid imagery in a reader’s mind. People can find themselves swept away by powerful similes and metaphors, leading to a persuasive effect that entices people to purchase goods and services.

[quote] BIGEYE created some rockin’ content for an Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children donorship event. Check it out! [/quote]

5. Understand Your Demographic

A young, hip audience is going to be much more open to edgy copy than a high-end luxury retailer. To gain a deeper understanding of your audience, look through magazines to get an idea of the types of voices already out there, and let them inspire your own copy. Think about the consumer demographics as well as their interests, and try to tap into that. For instance, Seamless, a food delivery service in several big cities throughout the United States, often creates campaigns that liken its services to issues busy metropolitan adults face on a daily basis. One example: “Stilettos don’t puddle jump,” which, in four short words, explains the benefits of ordering in, as opposed to traveling out in the rain to go to a restaurant. Creating customer personas can help you better understand your audience.

6. Remember to Explain How Something Benefits Someone

It’s much more compelling to explain to someone the emotional benefits of a product or service than simply the features. People want to know why these things are going to make their lives better. They don’t want to know you’re selling a “brown hat.” They want to know that the hat will make a person seem stylish and posh. Thinking from this perspective can help you sell the story that sells the brand.

If you’re looking for great ways to tell your brand’s story through copywriting, the team at our Orlando ad agency can help! Reach out to us for a consultation, and get ready to spring into strategies to help your business bloom.

Contact our team of copywriting experts to provide further insights to ensure that you’re making the best possible connection through your written communications!

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