5 Mom Marketing Tips for Your Travel Industry Strategy

People travel because they like to experience something new. They may wish to experience the relaxation of a different setting, an educational experience or a thrill seeking tour full of activities such as skiing, safari and theme parks. However, when people have children, the vacation dynamic may shift, so it’s key for the travel industry to understand mom marketing.
For women with children, vacation may have at one time been an escape for one’s self, either alone, with a spouse or with friends, but it may not involve the entire family, or else moms with older children may opt to leave the kids with a relative. Depending on the type of mom segment, our Florida advertising agency has found that marketers can reach out to these women by targeting the following appeals.

1. Adventure

No one loves a fun, educational experience more than a parent. In households where the mother makes many of the purchasing decisions, the mom may find value in visiting museums, exploring nature and visiting the zoo. All of these provide opportunities for children to engage their curiosity, helping them to explore the world around them and to view it in new ways. Marketing strategies that appeal to a mom’s adventurous side may entice them to visit a unique travel destination, to sign up for an interesting tour or to embark on an adventure that is fun for the entire family.

2. Fantasy, Escape & Relaxation

Sometimes moms just need a break. Cruise lines are notorious for marketing in ways that offer people a glimpse into the world around them. Cruising and other luxury travel allows moms to escape the pressures of balancing work, day-to-day childcare tasks and home issues. Appealing to a mom’s internal desire to escape through fantasy reminds her that she too can take some time away with the family, thereby escaping the real world.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment marketers can reach out to moms in ways that entice them to spend. With a variety of options for moms, ranging from relatively inexpensive to outlandish, marketers have good reason to reach out to the mom market to help sell their goods and services. Generating appeals that work directly toward the mom give her an emotional reaction, prompting brand preference and loyalty down the line.

4. Emotional: Family-Based

For a family-based entertainment company, an emotional appeal that speaks to the family can help drive moms to invest in such activities for their children and for themselves.[quote]The “fun for the whole family” experience leads to quality time with the kids, as well as helps to create memories that will last a lifetime.[/quote] Moms who want to subject their children to unique events and experiences are apt to respond to an emotional, family-based appeal.

5. Fantasy: Leave the Kids Behind

On the other hand, there may be times when moms seek entertainment without the kids by their sides. This may be in the form of a girl’s night out or date night, and many moms can attest to the good feelings that come from a night out on the town. The Sex & the City style-fantasy can appeal to moms everywhere, who are eager to continue to have fun in spite of the fact that they have children at home. An appeal to a mom’s desire for fantasy helps drive brand preference in the modern mom, one who hasn’t abandoned her social, active lifestyle for domesticated motherhood.

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