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annual report

Closing out the year with a bang: Rockin annual report design trends

Unless you strongly identify with Monica from the hit 90’s television show Friends, chances are you probably don’t get too excited when you think about the prospect of reading or creating an annual report. Everyone else: relax. It’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, some of this year’s best design trends translate perfectly...Continue Reading

millennial mindset

The art of nostalgia: Marketing to the new millennial mindset

Miami’s new Brickell City Center – an interactive, luxury shopping concept that blends urban design, food, entertainment, and commerce together – is living proof of the new “new” millennial mindset. The Center’s eco-friendly, temperature-regulating “sky ribbon” guides pedestrians along a suspended path among the high rises of Miami’s financial district. Along the way, they’ll find...Continue Reading

virtual reality

How your tourism brand can benefit from the $70B VR industry

A little over a year ago when the Oculus Rift, the first mainstream virtual reality machine, was released to the public, some tourism marketing brands feared the technology could make travel obsolete. As this technology continues to improve, we beg to differ. By 2020, Tnooz projects that virtual reality will be a $20 billion business...Continue Reading